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Hestia Sage offer online business support with a difference to holistic practitioners, healers, and wellness businesses.

Our heart-centered business support provides the practical support you need to run your business around your spiritual practices.

A lady holding crystals in her hands, including amythest which is there to help us tap into our intuition

We work with female business owners on developing a strategy aligned with your spiritual vision, implementing the system to support your holistic approach to running your business, and ensuring that your business is reflecting the energetic approach you take in your life.

We work WITH YOU not FOR YOU as a second brain and ally in your business.

Our intuitive support means that you are not just outsourcing tasks in your business, you are building a support team that is fully invested in the success of your business and your personal goals.

We work with female business owners who are:

  • Committed to growing their business
  • Work intuitively to manifest the life and business they want
  • Ready to embrace a holistic and energetic approach to running their business
  • Looking for support to develop a strategy and implement it

If this sounds like you, then we are here to work alongside you to help you realise your vision and create the business and lifestyle you want.


Business owner holding 3 tarot cards seeking guidance on the direction they should go in to take their business forward

“I am excited about what my future holds”

Our vibrational energy is key to our success in business and life. This is why it is important to keep this high but understand it does ebb and flow.

By working cyclically in tune with external cycles such as the moon and our own internal cycles we can be most effective and can manifest everything we want in life.

At Hestia Sage we understand that you will have times when you are creative, and times when you need to rest, we will tailor our support the different phases of your personal cycle to ensure your feel fully supported throughout your seasons.

Now is the time to be excited about your business by allowing us to work with to implement the processes and systems to move it forward. 

Ways to work with us

Power Hour - £149.00

Understand the changes you need to make in your business and the support available to you with a power hour. You’ll get one hour of our time with a summary of what we’ve covered and the suggestions you can take to move your business forward. 

Image of sunflowers at sunset with a sage green box and text that says Foundation & Clarity Package from £279

Foundation & Clarity Package - £279.00

Get organised and get the support you need to grow and develop your business. Our unique 4-step process is designed to help you get clear on the foundations of your business, allowu=ing us to support you in the best way over a 3-6 month period.

Square image of a tree with blossom which is blurred, over this is a sage green box that says Bespoke Support from £40 per hour

Bespoke Support - from £40 per hour

For business owners who are clear on their vision and need support with the tasks, they don’t have time for or find a challenge. Outsourcing to Hestia Sage gives you more time to focus on the things that are important to you. 

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